Agreeing / Disagreeing

Phrases for Agreeing
It is customary in English to at least aim to not directly confront people, and even when you disagree to try and find some common ground first.

  • Standard Phrases
    • I think you are right!
    • I agree with you.
  • More Colourful Phrases
    • Sounds good to me.
    • Looks good to us.
Agreeing Strongly
  • Standard Phrases
    • We couldn't agree with her more.
    • I share your view entirely.
    • I think you are absolutely right!
    • I completely agree with you.
  • More Colourful Phrases
    • He is absolutely spot on!
    • You are 100% on the money.
Agreeing Partly
  • Standard Phrases
    • That's true up to a point, but I think you'll find that...
    • I agree with you up to a point, but...
    • That's mostly correctly, however...
    • We agree with you in principal, but looking at...
    • She is right about that, though not about...
  • More Colourful Phrases
    • You had me right up until you said...
    • His argument was going so well until you realize that...
  • Standard Phrases
    • I am afraid I can't agree with you.
    • We are not sure you are right.
    • I disagree with some of your points.
    • She doesn't agree that...
    • I can't agree with you on that point, sorry.
    • We don't share your opinion on that.
  • More Colourful Phrases
    • That's not going to carry here.
    • You're off mark a little there I am afraid.
Disagreeing Strongly
  • Standard Phrases
    • That is completely wrong, sorry.
    • You have it completely incorrect there.
    • I completely disagree with all of your points.
    • She doesn't agree at all that...
    • I can't possibly agree with you on that, sorry.
    • I couldn't agree with you less.
  • More Colourful Phrases
    • You must be joking to think that! (quite rude)
    • You're way off the mark!
    • That's just plain wrong.
    • There's no way I am buying that.