Reported Speech 3

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Reported Speech: 3
Reported Speech Advanced

MODALS without a past form do not change after past reporting verbs
Must, Would , Should, Could, Ought to, Had Better, Might
(Can and Will are considered to have past forms wtih Could and Would respectively)
  • "I could do it!"
    • She said she could do it.
  • "They wouldn't know what to do!"
    • We said they wouldn't know what to do.
  • "She had better do it today."
    • They said she had better do it that day.

Promises, Orders, Requests, Offers, Adivice, and so on
An option is to use the infinitive (or object + infinitive)
  • "I'll help!"
    • She offered to help.
  • "Get out of here now!"
    • They ordered us to get out of there.
  • "I'll do my best."
    • He promised to do his best.
In negative sentences, NOT goes before TO.
  • "You shouldn't be late."
    • She advised me not to be late.
  • "I will not leave you!"
    • He promised to not leave me.
Sometimes MODALS are not reported back, but we choose a suitable reporting verb with the infinitive.
  • "Don't you dare do that!"
    • She warned me not to do it.
  • "I would tell him you loved him."
    • He advised me to tell him I loved him.
When using Suggest do not use the infinitve TO form
  • "Let's buy this one!"
    • She suggested buying that one.
    • NOT She suggested to buy...

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