Have / Have Got

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Have (Have Got)
Have / Have Got - Fundamentals

The following may help to decide between using 'have' and 'have got';
Use HAVE with experiences and actions
  • We are having a holiday.
  • I had an amazing dream!
  • Are you going to have a shower?
  • She's had a skiing accident.
Use HAVE with regular, possibly scheduled, events.
  • I have dinner at 7pm every day.
  • We have maths at 11am and French at 12.
  • I always have problems with him!
Use HAVE GOTwith possessions.
  • I've got a car.
  • Has she got a driving licence?
Use HAVE GOT with relationships.
  • I've got 4 brothers and 3 sisters.
  • We've got lots of cousins.
Use HAVE GOT to describe people
  • She's got blond hair.
  • Has he got brown eyes?
Use HAVE GOT for illnesses.
  • They've all got the flu!
  • She hasn't got a serious case thankfully!
Use HAVE GOT for physical problems.
  • He's got a bad back.
  • I've got something in my eye!

If unsure, and in certain circumstances, HAVE is preferred over HAVE GOT.
For the past, we prefer HAVE.
  • When I was young I had all the characters.
  • I had a toothache this morning, but I haven't got one now.
  • She used to have only one cousin, now she's got four.
When both are possible, we prefer HAVE.
  • For example, For a regular (have) illness (have got), we prefer have.
    • She has a bad back.
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