Future Simple - Uses

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This is a practical oversimplification which will be right most of the time. For more detailed information see Mastery of the Tenses!
Main Uses for the Future Simple
"will do"

For new decisions.
  • It's raining, I'll get my umbrella.
  • I'll answer the phone!
For offers, especially new offers.
  • You look tired, we'll make dinner.
  • Those look heavy, I'll carry them.
For future facts.
  • You'll be 42 next year.
  • This time next week, I'll be on holiday.
For predictions based on opinion.
  • I think David will score first.
  • No one will find my hiding place.
For predictions based on 'facts'.
  • The teacher will be angry, he is always angry when we are late.
  • The spaghetti will be lovely, it always is!
For asking questions when the other person may not know either.
  • Do you think John and Mary will get divorced?
  • What time will it end? Do you know?
Will in IF structures
Used in the Consequence clause when it is probable. NOT IF CLAUSE.
In the Consequence Clause of First Conditionals.
  • I will come if you invite me.
    • NOT if you will invite me
  • If it rains, we will not go out.
    • NOT If it will rain
  • If we work hard, we will finish it.
    • NOT If we will work hard
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