Present Perfect Continuous

This is a practical oversimplification which will be right most of the time. For more detailed information see Mastery of the Tenses!
Main Uses for the Present Perfect Continuous
"have been doing" / "has been doing"

For focusing on Activity not Result when using the Present Perfect.
  • Have you been waiting long?
    • (I am worried you are angry because of the activity of waiting.)
  • I have been running all morning, that's why I am sitting down now.
    • (I am tired because of the activity of running.)
  • You have been working in the garden all morning, you need to get changed!
    • (Your clothes are dirty because of the activity of gardening.)
For activities, not states, that are still continuing.
  • I have been working all day.
  • How long have they been talking on the phone?
  • She has been studying English for 3 years.
For recent finished events, but again to focus on the activity.
  • I’ve just been talking to your stupid friend for an hour.
  • You’ve been running around all day, take a break.
  • We’ve been looking for you!