Present Perfect Simple - Uses

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This is a practical oversimplification which will be right most of the time. For more detailed information see Mastery of the Tenses!
Main Uses for the Present Perfect Simple
"have done" / "has done"

For general experiences without reference to when
  • Have you seen this film?
  • I have been to Russia.
  • They have never been in a plane before.
For recent past events with an effect in the present.
  • I have missed my bus, I am going to be late, sorry!
  • She has prepared for today's exam well.
We often use just, already and yet here.
  • I have just eaten!
  • Haven't you finished that homework yet?
  • She has already told you what she thinks!
For uncompleted actions.
  • I have lived here for 20 years.
  • He has worked there all this week so far.
  • They have watched half the film so far.
For when the result of an action is important.
  • I have run a marathon and I am very proud of it!
  • She has fixed the car and it works great!
With Expressions of Time in the Future
With AFTER to talk about the future, Present Simple also possible.
  • I'll call her after I have spoken to him.
  • I'll call her after I speak to him.
Attention: "I have been" and "I have gone" are different in meaning.
  • I have been to the shops, and now I am at home.
  • They have gone to the shops and they are still there.
Use the Present Perfect Simple , not Continuous, with state verbs usually.
  • I have always loved you.
    • NOT been loving you
  • She has known me all her life.
    • NOT been knowing me
Use of just, already and yet is also possible with Past Simple in American English.
  • I have just eaten.
  • I just ate.

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We often use the Present Perfect Simple for GE---AL EX-------ES, without reference to WH-N.

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We often use the Present Perfect Simple for GENERAL EXPERIENCES, without reference to WHEN.


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Have you seen this film?


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